After a vibrant and rigorous creative and collaborative process of revamping our website, we are excited to be sharing this labor of love and solidarity with you all. As we celebrate this new milestone, we take a moment to reflect and celebrate our journey so far. 

The Network has come a long way in building Momentum and fostering activism among its members since 2003. Over the years, we have had such great moments and reached milestones as a collective, we have learned, collaborated, and we have also collectively healed. And now, we have reached another milestone, as we relaunch our website. 

With an intersection of members from the Horn, East and southern Africa that have created a vibrant community, the Network has played a crucial role in raising awareness about GBV, its impact on individuals and communities and the importance of prevention. Through campaigns, workshops, and training programs, the network has empowered its members with Knowledge to recognize, prevent and respond to gender-based Violence. 

Through the digital media platforms, (Website, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook), the Network has facilitated cross learning and improved the effectiveness of prevention initiatives across different contexts. 

We also celebrate the Network’s growth in numbers, from just slightly over 500 members to 3400 members that are currently on our database and are actively carrying out activism in their areas of work and communities. 

The network continues to serve as a platform for sharing best practices, experiences and lessons learned among its members. 

What is new with our website? 

A user-friendly interface that is easy to use and navigate for members to find different resources and other members in their countries and region. 

Fresh artwork by the fabulous illustrator, Christo, who captured the diversity & magic of our network through these illustrations.  Find her work here: 

Our resource library has also been updated so you can find (and filter) your favorite feminist files! 

Catch up with our campaigns and Advocacy Kits throughout the years on diverse and feminist fueled content including this year's campaigns on Feminism 101 and 16 Days of Activism. 

Our interactive map can help you locate activists and colleagues in your region!  

We hope the revamped website enhances our ability to reach a wider audience but also strengthens our impact. 

Check it out! 

Check out the latest news & activities from the Network, as well as opportunities for your VAW prevention activism! 

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